Arizona Budget Challenge

Arizona faces a $1.4 billion deficit for FY24 and FY25

Arizona Budget Challenge

In FY2024, lawmakers thought they had plenty of money--though much of it was temporary one-time funds.

As they began the legislative session in January 2024, revenues had come in well short of anticipated amounts, and looking toward FY2025 faced a deficit, too. 

This budget challenge enables you to see why revenues fell short as you explore options to address the shortfall as well as opportunities for new revenue and investments.

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Where do theses policy options come from?

The actual state budget is very complex. The Grand Canyon Institute focused this budget exercise on critical decision-points.

Budget Basics

Arizona has a secretive budget process. The executive branch and legislative leadership negotiate behind closed doors until they have an agreement to present to the whole legislature. Political party does not matter on secrecy.

From 2009 through 2022, the Republican Party held a majority in both chambers of the legislature and the Governor's office. Currently, Republicans have a bare majority in the State House (31-29) and State Senate (16-14), while Gov. Hobbs is a Democrat. 

 Note: other states have a much more public process than Arizona.

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